Eyelid Surgery

More commonly referred to as an eyelid lift, this procedure aims to restore a more youthful appearance to your eyes through two different approaches. With a traditional blepharoplasty, incisions are made on upper and lower lids. With a transconjunctival blepharoplasty, only one incision is made inside the lower lid, where fat can be removed but excess skin cannot. If you are not ready to go under the knife, chemical peels and laser resurfacing are other options for tightening the skin around your eyes.

If you look in the mirror and feel years older than you are, allow our doctors to suggest a procedure or treatment that will help you regain your image. After a consultation, we’ll be better able to customize a plan suited to your needs and wants. Deeper wrinkles are better treated with laser resurfacing or Botox.

What to Expect

Eyelid surgery is performed at a surgical center in Metairie, LA on an outpatient basis. This facility is centrally located and is easily accessible to our patients from Houma, LA or New Orleans, LA. You will need someone to drive you home and take care of you, as your vision will likely be blurry and your eyes will be swollen. While the blurriness and swelling are normal and temporary, severe pain, loss of vision, and protruding eyeballs are not. If any of these occur, please call the doctor immediately.

Stitches will be removed in four to seven days, and the swelling and bruising associated with the procedure can last for several weeks. You’ll likely need to take some time off of work to let your body heal, and you can begin to wear makeup after the stitches are removed.
Eyelid Surgery New Orleans LA

Unmatched Results

If you’ve grown unsatisfied with your sagging eyelids, or you constantly look tired and worn-out, there’s no reason for despair. All you have to do is reach out to one of our knowledgeable representatives. Thanks to our innovative blepharoplasty options, you will notice real results in less than a month’s time. Most importantly, this treatment is quite safe.

Take a look at the following section to learn more about this procedure. Blepharoplasty is often used to address each of the listed issues.

• Sagging skin that has developed folds and disrupts the natural contour of the upper eyelid 
• Fatty deposits that surround the eyelids, and result in puffiness
• Large bags under the eyes
• Drooping lower lids that expose the white portion of the eye, below the iris Excess skin and fine wrinkles
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