Facial Surgery

Facial Surgery

Plastic surgery is certainly not just limited to women! If there is something you don’t love about your facial appearance, the competent doctors at Crescent City Cosmetic Surgery Center would be happy to consult with you on how we can help. We’ll look at your hairline, any scars, sun damage, the elasticity of your skin, and more. 

There are different issues to be taken into consideration when performing a facial plastic surgery on men than on women. Scars are usually more visible because of the amount of hair, makeup isn't normally used to cover scars, and hair growth can have an effect, too. This doesn't mean your options are limited; it just means that we want you to go into this with realistic expectations. Electrolysis is an option for certain situations.

Neck and  Face Lifts

Liposuction can be used to correct a “jowly” area underneath the chin in younger patients and older patients can benefit from a facelift or necklift. Both procedures will enhance the appearance of your face and neck, creating a smoother, more contoured look with tighter skin.

If you’re a male who is considering any type of plastic surgery involving your face, Crescent City Cosmetic Surgery Center welcomes you to our office for a consultation. Our non-judgmental, comfortable office is staffed by knowledgeable doctors and nurses who will walk you through every step of the process. Contact us today to make an appointment!
Facial Surgery New Orleans LA

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Thanks to major advances in the world of cosmetic surgery, it’s never been easier to improve your look. No matter the precise nature of your requests, you can count on our team to provide options. We want you to feel calm and comfortable throughout each stage of treatment, so we’re always available to address your questions and concerns.
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