Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck Surgery

Abdominoplasty, better known as a "tummy tuck" is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and skin in order to restore separated or weakened muscles resulting from weight gain, aging, or pregnancy. The desired outcome should leave the patient with a smoother and more firm abdominal profile. If you are experiencing a protruding abdomen or carry excess weight in the midsection and are not responding to diet or exercise, abdominoplasty may be an option for you.

Age, weight, and prior medical conditions are all factors that are taken into consideration when you meet with our doctors to discuss candidacy for abdominoplasty. The ideal candidate should not smoke, and be in overall good health with excess weight or loose skin around the abdomen. It is important to know that this surgery is not an alternative to weight loss or a healthy wellness regimen. 

Before, During, & After Surgery

Before moving forward with surgery, your doctor will take a complete medical history and perform a physical. You’ll be directed to avoid aspirin and other blood-thinning agents for a period of time before surgery. We will also take before and after photographs to monitor your progress.

General anesthesia is used, and surgery generally takes two to five hours. The procedure begins with an elliptical incision made across the lower abdomen, and another around the navel. The skin is lifted and positioned towards the mid line of the torso during surgery.  During the procedure, abdominal wall muscles are tightened and excess fatty tissue and skin are removed leaving you with a narrower, and more firm abdomen.

Patients typically go home the same day, although it is highly recommended that they have someone to assist them for the first few days following surgery. Plan to be out of work for at least 10 days for optimal recovery. Although the results of a tummy tuck are immediate, swelling can last for several weeks and so it may be a few months before the final results are visible. 
Tummy Tuck Metairie, LA

What A Tummy Tuck Won't Do

It is important for our patients to know beforehand that this procedure is not a substitute for weight loss or a regular exercise program and while the effects of abdominoplasty are technically permanent, the results can be eliminated by significant fluctuations in body weight. 

Therefore, individuals considering substantial weight loss and women who are considering future pregnancies should postpone a tummy tuck. Additionally, a tummy tuck cannot eliminate stretch marks but their appearance may be improved if they are located on the areas of skin that will be excised. 

A tummy-tuck surgery is a customized cosmetic procedure tailored to meet the individual needs of our patients. If you are considering surgery and have questions, schedule a consultation with our team and let us help find a treatment plan that is right for you.
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